Mercedes Benz is planning ‘awesome year’ for growth

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Longford Leader Motoring Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupé

The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupé - set to make its world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

“Awesome” is the word being used by Mercedes-Benz to describe various initiatives planned for the year ahead, all designed to expand ownership and sustain market growth.

Against the backdrop of a highly ambitious model development programme - one that has seen the Stuttgart manufacturer establish a presence in virtually every model segment.
This is set to continue can be seen in plans to introduce some 18 new models over the next eight years as Mercedes-Benz pursues its goal to secure number one position in the luxury car market globally.
Evidence that this goal is being achieved can be seen in performance at a local level where sales in Ireland show Mercedes-Benz achieving a 36% average annual growth over the past four years.
Even in the current year, sales are running 32% above the same period last year, despite an overall 10% market decline. Looking to 2018, use of the term ‘awesome’ will be a central theme as Mercedes-Benz here, and elsewhere, focus on their goal of offering motorists even more enhanced specifications levels matched to prices that will be competitive across the board, with particular emphasis on what their sales manager in Ireland, Ciaran Allen calls their “main performing models”.
“Our overarching commitment to maintain a competitive specifications/price position across our range, now and into 2018, is one that will be reflected in awesome cars with awesome specifications at awesome prices” Allen said. With their important C-Class and E-Class ranges, the drive will be to achieve first place in their respective market segments.