Scooter owners - beware! The cheaper the scooter purchase cost, the higher the fire risk

Rose B O'Donoghue


Rose B O'Donoghue


Scooter owners - beware! The cheaper the scooter purchase cost, the higher the fire risk

Dublin Fire Brigade attended a house fire resulting from a scooter charging which went on fire PIC: Dublin Fire Brigade on FB

Dublin Fire Brigade posted an appeal on social media to the public never to purchase a scooter without a genuine CE mark and to try to charge scooters outside.

"If you have an electric scooter, it is worth watching this video," they stated.

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"Over the Christmas period, we attended a scooter on fire in a house, which was charging at the time.

"An electric scooter was alight in the kitchen of the house and was charging at the time. The scooter in question was bought on an online trading site, the brand unknown," wrote Dublin Fire Brigade on Facebook.

They warned: "Never leave a scooter charging unattended or overnight. If possible, charge them outside and away from anything flammable.

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"Check scooters for a genuine CE safety mark. The cheaper the scooter, the more caution you should give to this. (Check for details)

"If the battery pack seems excessively hot while charging, sparking or producing an odour or smoke plug it out and contact the manufacturers helpline. Do not use the scooter.

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"Have a working smoke or heat alarm in your home to give you early warning to any problems."

The burnt scooter which went on fire while being charged, and caused Dublin Fire Brigade to attend a house fire over the Christmas period. PIC: Dublin Fire Brigade on Facebook