Lidl Plus app will reward Longford shoppers

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Lidl Plus app will reward Longford customers

Lidl Plus app will reward Longford customers

Lidl Ireland is introducing Lidl Plus, the retailer’s new and innovative instant rewards app which delivers even more incredible savings and benefits to customers across their network of 163 stores throughout Ireland.

A market first, Lidl Plus is designed to deliver customers with instant rewards and at least €10 instant savings each week through a range of discounts across Lidl’s selection of 2,500 permanently listed items.

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All customers have to do is simply download the app to their phone, activate their weekly coupons and scan at the checkout every time they shop – it’s that easy to save!

Customers can also scan their Lidl Plus app at the check out to receive a ‘Scratch & Win’, digital scratch card which can be redeemed in-store. Scratch & Win prizes are instant (e.g. €2 off your next shop) and will entitle customers to further savings on Lidl’s quality products.

Lidl Plus addresses the hindrances associated with the conventional loyalty programme market eliminating pointless points, loss of loyalty cards and unnecessary bundles of paper vouchers optimising the overall user experience.

With registration only taking an astounding 90 seconds, customers can use Lidl Plus immediately and will benefit from weekly digital coupons, digital receipts and will be able to browse Lidl’s weekly leaflets and seasonal brochures conveniently all in one place.

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The retailer had initially planned on a soft launch period for employees in early July, however so intrigued have Lidl’s loyal shoppers been by a mysterious Lidl app appearing on the App Store that Lidl Plus hit the #1 slot almost immediately! Lidl fans can now use the app every time they shop for instant rewards, with a fully integrated educational marketing campaign launching later in the month.

How It Works

The Lidl Plus app is available to download now from the iOS or Android app stores. Once downloaded customers are required to complete a quick and easy registration process.  

Lidl Plus registration takes approximately 90 seconds which is a fraction of the time competitor app registrations require which can often take days, if not weeks. Upon completion of registration, the app generates a unique digital Lidl Plus card for each customer which can then be scanned at the checkout in any Lidl store to start saving instantly – it’s really that easy!

Additional features

Customers will benefit from a number of additional features including a store locator to search for their closest Lidl store whether in Ireland or abroad, digital receipts for every transaction that will be stored in their app for easy viewing as well as being able to browse Lidl’s weekly leaflets and seasonal brochures – all in one place.

Once downloaded, Lidl Plus can be used in all Lidl Plus enabled countries so customers can continue to avail of Lidl Plus savings when they can travel abroad again post lockdown.

Commenting on the launch of Lidl Plus, Managing Director of Lidl Ireland, J.P. Scally said:

“I am delighted to launch our new Lidl Plus app. Not only is this a market first but it demonstrates Lidl’s leadership in digital innovation. No doubt the past few months have been extremely trying and many of our customers have felt the financial impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic. As the country moves into the recovery phase, we want to do everything we can to deliver even more value to our loyal customers.

Lidl Plus will do just that – creating further savings for customers on their grocery shop across a wide range of quality products. The app is pleasantly easy to use, and customers won’t need to worry about carrying an extra card, especially as we move towards a more digitally focussed future.

Through the Lidl Plus app, we offer our customers a range of additional services such as a store locator and digital receipts, which we hope will add to an overall positive shopping experience with Lidl.

We had planned to keep Lidl Plus under wraps a little longer, but our curious customers uncovered the app, quickly shooting it to the #1 slot on the App Store almost immediately. We are pleased to see such incredible customer engagement early on and look forward to helping our customers avail of even more incredible savings with Lidl Plus right now.”

Lidl Plus is now available to download on the iOS and Android app stores. To find out more about Lidl Plus, please visit

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