Teffia Park residents in Longford town laud resurfacing works

Longford town estate currently undergoing road resurfacing works as residents raise issue of dog fouling on the streets!

Liam Cosgrove


Liam Cosgrove



Teffia Park road resurfacing works

Residents of Teffia Park, Longford have given their thumbs up to the road and footpath resurfacing works that are ongoing. Photo: Michelle Ghee.

Residents living within one of Longford town’s oldest estates have given their overwhelming thumbs up to the road and footpath resurfacing works that are currently underway.

Longford County Council announced recently it was closing off Teffia Park from the top of the Park Road to the NCT centre as part of the works.

It’s envisaged the project will take seven weeks to complete with the road being reopened by the end of May.

Residents' Reaction 
This week the Leader knocked on a number of doors to speak with local homeowners, many of whom gave their ringing endorsement to the work.

“Doesn’t it need to be done badly,” said David Adamson, adding locals were by and large willing to accept the general inconvenience that comes with having restricted access routes in and out of the estate.

“The footpaths were in a terrible state.

“You have to put up with that (road closures) to get the job done.

“The road is very bad and the footpaths were very, very bad in places.

His neighbour Jimmy Shields was another to speak out.

He initially, and somewhat tongue in cheek, queried recent revelations surrounding calls for the Council to upgrade its meeting chamber while also referencing the quality of footpaths in and around St Mel’s Cathedral.

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“I see on the Leader last week they (Council) are doing up the council offices.

“They’ll do them alright.

“If you notice also, I am not anti Catholic or anti religion or anything like that, but if you notice around the Cathedral, St Mel’s Road, Chapel Street, all those are done.

“If you look at the footpath from here into the Cathedral it’s great.

“We (local residents) have put up with a lot. There was a time not too long ago where they wanted to take part of the green to make the road wider to get more traffic on it. We kicked up about that and said ‘no way.’”

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A few doors down, Deirdre Carr said she was still skeptical about the plans, saying: “I will believe it when it happens.”

She was, however, more anxious to express her ire at how an apparent increase in dog fouling was becoming more of a problem in the area.
“Please, please, please complain about the dog s**** on the footpaths,” she asked the Leader.

“It’s outrageous, it’s a disgrace and you have to watch where you are going every step of the way now.”

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