Down Memory Lane in Longford: Nevin and Murphy clash

Story of the week from August 2, 1996

David Clarke


David Clarke


Down Memory Lane

Down Memory Lane in Longford

The events leading up to the election of Cllr Seamus Finnan as vice-chairperson  of Longford County Council sparked a bitter row between two councillors which brought the proceedings to an absolute halt as Cllrs Michael Nevin and Peter Murphy shouted at each other back and forward across the chamber. 

In launching a stinging attack on both Fine Gael and Fianna Fail, Cllr Peter Murphy accused members of FG of washing its dirty linen in public at the AGM and slammed the party for not supporting Cllr Philo Kelly for vice-chair.

“The oldest member of the party and you hadn't the decency to support her,” he charged. “It has been shown what you are here today.”

Turning to the FF side of the house Cllr Murphy was equally critical. He said Independents would always contest positions and that is what democracy is all about. “We don't run to political parties to get seats if we lose our seats,” he said, adding that they don't “run up the backside of the Fianna Fail party”.

Incensed by this remark Cllr Michael Nevin demanded an apology from Cllr Murphy. “I demand that you withdraw that remark”, he said adding that Cllr Murphy was “a scurrilous cur”. “Me and no one belonging to me ever had to run up the arse of anyone to get anything”.

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