Down Memory Lane in Longford: Story of the week from July 7th, 1995

Kelly takes UDC chair

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Times past

Times past

Veteran Fianna Fail activist, Cllr Peter Kelly, was elected as the new chairman of Longford Urban District Council at their AGM on Monday night, amid growing criticism at the fact that Cllr Philo Kelly was once again denied an opportunity to achieve her long-held wish of assuming the position.

UDC newcomer, Cllr Alan Mitchell said it would be “a shameful situation” if Philo Kelly failed to get elected because of some agreement made in secret” between certain members. “If that is the situation we and the public should be told about it”, added Cllr Mitchell.

Cllr Tony Carberry said he had never received any support from Fine Gael since he was first elected to the Urban Council and he did not see why he should have to explain to Cllr Mitchell or to anyone else why he voted in a particular way.  

Referring to the fact that Cllr Tony Carberry gave his vote to Fianna Fail, Cllr Mae Sexton said support had its price and it was to be assumed that Cllr Carberry would get his turn at being chairman during the lifetime of the present UDC. “We are not all fools in here you know,” she added “we know that support has its price.”

“Are you making accusations, Cllr Sexton?” asked Tony Carberry “because if you are I want them recorded”.

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