Longford Leader Times Past: Story of the week from October 21, 1994

Peace in the North......but not in the Council Chamber!

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Times past

Times past

Peace may have come to the North after 25 years of strife but the same could not be said for meetings of Longford County Council.  

Despite the fact that they were discussing the latest peace moves in the North, there was very little peace among members of Longford County Council with Cllr James Bannon accusing Cllr Paddy Farrell of making an attempt to “blackguard” the leader of Fine Gael, John Bruton.

Cllr Mickey Nevin expressed the hope that the Loyalists would be “honourable, like the Republicans” and he said the Taoisaech Albert Reynolds, would have to stand shoulder-high above anyone else for the role he had played in bringing peace to the North.

“Mr Bruton has no blemish like the Passports for Money scandal or the Beef Tribunal”, said an angry Cllr Bannon “and I will not let anyone in this chamber blackguard the man.....he is a man of decency and integrity”.

Cllr Mickey Doherty said he had never heard such “disgraceful language” coming out of a public representative. “You are waving the green flag ....Brits out”, shouted James Bannon.

Cllr Peter Kelly said; “These people came in here and they ranted and raved for about 15 minutes, they said they were walking out and they went half way and didn't have the guts to do it”.

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