Times Past - story of the week

Times Past - story of the week

Following the refusal of a vocational teacher to obey a direction given to him by his CEO to have his hair cut, Co Longford Vocational Education Committee at Tuesday's meeting passed a resolution calling on Maitius Uasal O'Donncha, teacher of Irish and general subjects at Longford school to carry out all instructions issued to him by the CEO, Mr C Morris and the Principal Mr P Bunce.

Mr Morris said that Mr O'Donncha had been told that he would have to keep his hair short and he refused to have it cut. It was very easy for a teacher to stamp his personality on his students.

Mr J Browne said he did not agree with this. He did not see what difference it made how long a teacher wore his hair once he did his duty. It was not up to the committee to tell him how to dress or anything else.

Mr O'Donncha  told the committee that he personally liked long hair and he did not think that by cutting his hair he would become a better teacher.

Mr Morris was inclined to think that he would be a bad influence on his students. That it would be dangerous for students attending metal work classes to have long hair but he was a teacher of Irish and general subjects.