Longford model Maura Higgins reveals she has 'some really exciting projects in the pipeline'

Longford model Maura Higgins reveals she has 'some really exciting projects in the pipeline'

Maura Higgins was recently on location in Gibraltar to launch her hotly anticipated second collection with Bellamianta luxury tanning

Former Love Island star and Glow Up Ireland presenter, Longford's Maura Higgins, has revealed that she 'some really exciting projects in the pipeline'. 

Maura was recently on location in Gibraltar to launch her hotly anticipated second collection with Bellamianta luxury tanning.

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'The Glow Collection' is Maura's new 7 Piece Collection with Bellamianta Luxury Tanning.

Q&A with Maura Higgins

Huge congratulations on your second collection with Bellamianta Luxury Tanning – what was your inspiration behind this launch?

- Thank you so much, I am honestly so excited and so happy I’ve had the chance to create a second collection with such an amazing brand to create these unreal products. I have definitely gone for a more glowy vibe this time, I think it just looks so amazing in the sun and for nights out! We’ve been stuck inside for so long now we’re allowed out so we can show off our glowing skin! 

You’ve worked with Bellamianta for many years, even pre- Love Island – what has the process been creating your own range? 

- The Bellamianta team is amazing and they just make the process of creating a new range so much fun. I love coming up with new ideas for the range and they let me be so creative, which I love because it really makes it feel like my own when I can make my ideas into a reality. It’s like a dream come true, I never would have imagined I would have my own range with them when I started working with them all those years ago, I still can’t believe it!

What made you start working with the brand and what do you like most about them?

- Ever since I was young I’ve loved a tan, it just makes me feel so good and when I first heard of Bellamianta I had to try! Their tan is just the best, it’s such amazing quality for the price and just feels so luxurious. Like many people as well I hate the chore of scrubbing off my tan but Bellamianta lasts so long and comes off so easily, it just makes life easier! So of course I wanted to work with the brand. As well as the fact they're Irish, that's definitely a plus!

What was it like seeing the huge success of the first collection across social media?

- I honestly couldn't believe the reaction we got, I really didn't expect it. It was crazy, I was so overwhelmed. You always hope and think positively that when you bring out a collection it will do well and people will love it as much as you do, but of course it's always nerve-wracking. I never expected it to get as big of a reaction as we did and it makes me even more excited for people to try my second collection.

Did you ever dream of having a collection with Bellamianta during the first years working with them?

- Of course. I think whenever you work with a brand, products and a team that you're so passionate about you always dream of doing something more like having your own collection with them. I definitely think where I’ve loved Bellamianta for so long it's always been in the back of my mind that I would love to have my own collection. Now I can’t believe that I’m on my second collection with them, it’s crazy!

What is your must-have product from the new collection?

- That’s such a hard question, I love everything! I have to say honestly all the products are unreal and I think everyone is really going to love them, everyone loves a tan don’t they. If I had to choose one product it has to be the glow mist, it's amazing, you can use it all over your body and it’s so easy to use and gives you such a natural, glowing sunkissed look.

What was your favourite part of the shoot in Gibraltar?

- The shoot was so much fun, we had such a great time and got some amazing content for the new range. The Bellamianta team is so amazing and it was so nice to get back shooting again after everything that's happened in the past year with the pandemic. Now things are starting to get back to normal it felt so good to travel again as I haven't in so long and it's one of my favourite parts of my job, I’m so lucky to be able to travel so much.

If you could shoot anywhere in the world with Bellamianta, where would it be?

- There are so many places I want to travel to. Like I said before, I am so lucky I get to travel and see so many places with my job. I would love to travel anywhere exotic or sunny always! Maybe somewhere like the Maldives, it looks beautiful and so relaxing and I think we would get some amazing content, it would be perfect for showing off my Bellamianta tan!

What’s your essential product?

- I have so many. One of my number one go to’s though, all year round is, definitely the Bellamianta bronzer, I carry mine with me all the time! I’m literally obsessed with it, it gives me such an amazing natural bronze and definition to my face. It will always be one of my favourite Bellamianta products, I just love it.

Can you tell us about your tanning routine – do you use more glow products or prefer a more natural look?

- Definitely glowy! After bringing out this collection I’m obsessed with having a glowy look. It just looks amazing and makes you look so healthy and really helps show off the tan. Now we can go out and travel again too, I think it will look great for nights out and on holiday. I can’t wait to get away again and use it.

What’s your favourite thing about Bellamianta?

- There are so many things! I think they are so authentic in what they do, every product they have has so much thought and hard work behind it, as I know from creating my own range. One of my most favourite things is definitely that it is so kind to the skin as well, whenever I use it on my face I never break out which has happened before with other tanning products.

What is your skin prep regime?

- It’s taken years of practice with tanning to work out the best skin routine and skin preparation to make the tan last and go on without getting it streaky or messy. I have to say that the most important thing for me is to moisturise the day before and make sure you moisturise every day after to make the tan last! Also always make sure you tan in a mirror so you don't miss any bits and it goes on evenly!

Do you have any tanning tips or tricks you’ve never shared?

- Again it’s taken many years of using tan to get some tips and tricks that I’ve learnt from some dodgy tanning mistakes. I may have shared this before, but I definitely think less is more. I would say never put too much tan on the mitt as I find it can get messy and it just never applies as smoothly or evenly, I always use the excess on the mitt for my hands and feet too to keep them from going orange.

You’ve admitted to sneaking Bellamianta into the Love Island Villa – what was your go-to product during your time on the show?

- I couldn't go in the villa without my tan could I! Especially when you’re in a bikini everyday, you’re showing a lot of skin all the time so I wanted to keep my tan up without always having to be in the sun, it can get exhausting. My go-to in the villa was definitely the gradual moisturiser, being in the sun all day everyday it was perfect to keep up my tan and keep my skin hydrated.

You’re the queen of one liners and every girl's honest BFF – just like how you were on Love Island, have you always been frank and honest with your opinions and hilarious quips?

- I definitely think I have always been like it, since I was young, my family would probably say the same too! I’ve always been the same I think it's just always best to be honest, especially in this industry and when I was in the villa even, I wanted to stay true to myself and by speaking my mind, I feel like I did and I’ll always be proud that that’s the way I am.

You’ve been coined the Queen Of Ireland and have recently spent some time at home filming – did you get a chance to see your family at all while you were here?

- Not yet no, filming has been crazy long hours and we also had to quarantine for 10 days when we arrived so I couldn't see anyone. I really miss them and it's been so long since I last saw them because of covid I haven't been able to. I’m hoping once filming is wrapped I’ll be able to go and see them and have some time at home.

You were recently announced as the presenter of Ireland’s version of Glow Up on RTE – what has it been like being at home filming? Are you excited about this new project and can you reveal any hits about the show?

- I am so happy to be back in Ireland, it feels good to be home! I always love coming back and I haven't been back in so long. It's been so nice, it’s always a comfort to come back here and I’ve been excited for weeks! I still can’t believe I'm presenting the show, it's something that has always been a dream of mine and so far it’s been amazing. I'm really loving it and I can’t wait for you guys to see the show!

Love Island returned to our screens this Summer (finally!) Did you have any favourite couples or standouts from the show? Any words of wisdom on life outside of the villa?

- I can’t believe it's finally back. I'm loving the new series, it brings back so many memories seeing the villa on TV again and I’m so excited for the new contestants they’re going to have the time of their life. My advice would always be to just stay true to yourself, it feels like you’re in a different world when you’re in there so I think that's really important.

I have to ask – what is it like leaving the villa, where you weren’t able to communicate with the outside world, and then you turn on your phone and see everything online and the followers on Instagram? That has to be an insane feeling?

- Insane is definitely the correct word, yes! It was quite overwhelming to be honest, you get so used to not having a phone or any communication for so long, you really have no idea what's going on in the outside world, you come out to all these things that have happened in the news and you just have no idea about them. My phone nearly exploded when I first turned it on. It is weird coming out to all of the attention that you've never experienced before going into the villa.

What’s next for Maura?

- So much! I’m constantly working on new things and I love being busy and always throwing around new ideas. I’m really looking forward to the next few months that are coming up. I’ve got lots in the pipeline and some really exciting projects that I think everyone is going to love and I can’t wait to share with you all.

What advice would you give your younger self?

- There’s always lots of things that I think I would have liked to go back and do again or said to myself when I was younger. But then I look back and think I wouldn't be where I was today if I did anything differently, and I am so grateful and happy where I am in life right now I don’t think I would want anything to have changed to make it any different!

What’s on your bucket list for the next few years?

- So many things that I want to achieve, there's no slowing me down now! I would love to carry on presenting as I’m absolutely loving it, I’ve got a lot more projects coming up so I really can't wait for the next few years and to share so many more opportunities, I’m so lucky to be where I am right now and I really can't wait for the future.

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