Elections 2019: Granard municipal district turnout was a huge 66.75% even though 666 less votes were cast

Alan Walsh


Alan Walsh



Elections 2019: Granard municipal district turnout was a massive 66.75%  even though 666 less votes were cast

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Granard municipal district boasted the largest turnout of the three Longford MDs in the 2014 local elections and it is poised to emulate the feat this time around also. 

Although there were 666 votes less cast in the Granard Municipal District than there were in the 2014 local elections, voter turnout in Granard MD was 66.75%, just marginally down by 0.09% on the turnout five years ago. 

Turnout in Longford MD at 55.14% was 11.61% lower than in Granard.

6,697 voters or 66.75% of the 10,032 people on the electoral register came out on Friday and used their vote in Granard MD. 

In 2014, the turnout was 66.84%, or 7,363 people of the 11,015 electorate cast their vote. 

The figure for the total electorate in Granard decreased by 983 on five years ago and this reconfiguration of the district also resulted in the loss of a seat, from six to five. 

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Granard Municipal District 2019

5 seats
11 candidates
Electorate 10,032
Ballot Papers 6,697
Valid Poll 6,593
Invalid Ballot Papers 104
Quota 1,099

Granard Municipal District 2014

6 Seats
12 Candidates
Electorate 11,015
Ballot Papers 7,363
Valid Poll 7,280
Invalid Ballot Papers 83
Quota 1,041

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