GALLERY| Edgeworthstown Movember drive a great success

Kevin Forde


Kevin Forde


A group of selfless people from the town of Edgeworthstown have put on their fundraising hats once more this year, as they ditched the razors and grew out their facial hair for charity.

The initiative was run as part of the annual Movember charity challenge, where participants grow their facial hair for the month of November. After beginning the fundraising venture in the town seven years ago, the team behind the initiative has since raised over €30,000 for the Irish cancer society.

The fundraiser was first started by Gerry Lynn, of the Sportsman Inn and chair of the Edgeworthstown Trader’s Association. He first took part as a way to honour his late father, who passed away from cancer.

Gerry explained to the Leader, “It was just something that I had a bit of a passion towards, as my father died from cancer.
“I think it hits home for everyone. That’s why it was such an easy thing to get up and going.”

This year saw ten participants taking part in the locality, one of which was a local lady who cut her ponytail in honour of her late brother who passed away from cancer a couple of years ago.

“We had ten people involved, nine fellas and one girl from the town,” Gerry remarked.

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“We always get a few different people and we have the same few who do it every year,” he continued.

Described by Gerry as ‘a bit of fun’, this year’s fundraiser means the team have now successfully raised in excess of €30,000 for charity since their inaugural event many years ago. They aim to continue raising funds for as long as possible.

“I would say we are seven or eight years doing it,” Gerry said.

“We have probably raised over €30,000 at this stage. We had a couple of good years where we raised over €5,000.

“This year, we might hit €3,000,” he added.

Although participants in the Movember challenge officially cut their locks on Saturday, November 30, in the Sportsman Inn, Edgeworthstown, their fundraising efforts this not end quite there, as they also held a fundraising quiz in the Sportsman Inn on Friday, December 13.

And, even though the fundraiser is now officially over, people can still donate by contacting Gerry on 087-3980955 or by calling into the Sportsman Inn.

Gerry praised the community spirit of Edgeworthstown and the continued local support they have received down through the years.

“I would love to thank everyone who donates and everyone who participates,” he said.

“This community delivers time and time again.”

When asked if they would partake again next year, Gerry replied, “I would like to try and keep it going for as close to ten years as I can.

“Sometimes you say ‘I am not going to do it this year’, then someone asks you when are you doing it and you get back into the spirit of doing it again.”

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