Longford Leader Editorial: Charity will always begin at home

Alan Walsh


Alan Walsh




The work of Christmas charities comes into sharp focus at this time of the year

Charities, and the work that they do, comes in to very sharp focus at this time of year.

The focus, of course is on giving, particularly to those less fortunate than ourselves - whether that’s in our own neighbourhood, county, country or overseas.

The work of many charities overseas is astonishing, particularly in dealing with the refugee crisis and continued conflict in the Middle East in particular.

Ireland’s ongoing association with charities in those areas, our interest in peace in the region and indeed our role as UN Peacekeeping troops ensures that our view of charities working in these regions are very much home grown and our attitude is always to help - not turn away.

And then you have our own charities who need funding like never before. Many charities cite the fact that so many children nowadays are growing up without living in what most of us would view as a solid home.

The effects of the recession and the ongoing housing crisis continue to bite for another cold winter.

There are many local charities that help people less fortunate than many of us.

These kind hearted volunteers give of their time voluntarily and at Christmas, sacrifice their time to help those in need and less fortunate - by shaking a bucket or selling a line.

Remember if you can to support our local charities as early and as often as you are able to.

Credit Union merger vote

Arguably the most important vote in the history of Longford Credit Union Ltd will take place at the movement’s 50th annual general meeting in the Longford Arms Hotel next Wednesday, December 18.

A special resolution will be put to members asking them to approve a transfer of engagements to Mullingar Credit Union and for the merger to be accepted, 75% of those present must vote in favour.

Many Credit Unions across the country have merged to ensure a stronger, secure and progressive future for their membership and it is important that members of Longford CU have their say and cast their vote next week.