Longford Leader columnist Mattie Fox: Consign 2020 GAA season to history

Mattie Fox


Mattie Fox



John Horan, the current GAA president, gave an interview to Sean O’Rourke last Monday, and came across very well.

He was dealing with the current rumour about inter county players maybe training sometime soon.

Horan demolished any hope that the inter-county season would be restarted soon, despite the expressed views of Declan Bonner in the papers on the previous Sunday.

Ryan Tubridy on the Late Late seemed oblivious to anything except Croke Park on All Ireland day, obviously no awareness about all the matches that have to happen before that one day!

Given the uncertainty which is rampant all over the place, maybe we’d be better off listening to the health officials who are at least honest, when they say that nobody knows how, or when, this pandemic will eventually end.

The GAA has much to ponder, not least the fact that they’ll be picking up the bill for some fixed running costs, but that’s business.

The GAA, however, does not hoard any reserves. Despite cabinet protestations, I believe that the GAA should say, immediately, that there won’t be any championships this year.

Taking that decision, the association would be treating county boards, county teams, county team managers, and the raft of professionals employed around county teams, with respect. Eamon Sweeney sums it up in Monday’s Independent, when saying “GAA can’t play Russian Roulette with players lives"

Consign 2020, to a time in history.