New Mercedes-Benz A-Class prepares for Irish arrival

'This car is about wooing a younger generation into Mercedes-Benz ownership'

Martha O'Brien


Martha O'Brien


New Mercedes-Benz A-Class Prepares for Irish Arrival

New Mercedes-Benz A-Class Prepares for Irish Arrival

Mercedes-Benz have revealed their new A-Class, another car set to redefine modern luxury in the compact class.

Sales manager for Mercedes-Benz passenger car, Ciaran Allen said to be ‘amongst the first of the new for 182’.

The car's model range and price to be announced, this car is about wooing a younger generation into Mercedes-Benz ownership.

There have many body changes to this car for example a more sloping bonnet and lower, more angular headlights and grille with inset star

The interior is surpose to be completely new and revolutionary for example 7mm/8mm more front/rear headroom, 9mm/22mm more front/rear shoulder room and 35mm/36mm more front/rear elbow room.

A dashboard design and control-and-display systems that are to be a USP in this segment, the dashboard is separated into two sections.

There is also meant to be an ultra-modern multimedia and infotainment system, that is sepose to have the capacity to ‘learn’ thanks to its use of artificial intelligence. It is meant to significantly reduce driver distraction, see-ahead camera and radar with up to 500 metres range, Lane Keeping, Adaptive Braking, and various Distance Control and Driver Assist systems.

There is a combined a touch screen, centre console touch pad, and touch control buttons on the steering wheel the steering wheel also controls seat climate control, multi-contour features and a massage function.

The luggage compartment has 370 litres capacity and there two 4-cylinder petrol options of 1.4-litre and 2.0-litre capacity and a new 1.5-litre diesel with power outputs in the 116 to 224hp range. Transmission can go from 6-speed manual and 7-speed automatic.

Commenting, Ciaran Allen, sales manager for Mercedes-Benz passenger cars in Ireland said: “with the new A-Class, Mercedes-Benz is set once again to raise the bar in the compact segment”.

“Supported by competitive finance plans, and with an expanded dealer network that includes new high-profile outlets in Dublin, Sligo, Galway and Wexford - all experienced in representing large volume brands - we have the resources required to mount a serious challenge to other compact class brands with the aim of gaining an even greater share of sales at the entry level than was possible previously,” Allen said.