New report highlights the performance of Longford county council in key areas last year

Longford Leader Reporter


Longford Leader Reporter


The performance of Longford County Council in key service areas is detailed in the Local Authority Performance Indicator Report 2018, which has just been published.

The comprehensive 100 page report from The National Oversight and Audit Commission (NOAC) is packed with statistics on the performance of 31 local authorities under 37 different performance indicators.

NOAC’s chairman Michael McCarthy said that with this the fifth annual report on performance indicators individual local authorities have a very useful mechanism to view, track and improve on their own performance relative to that of other similar local authorities.

“Ultimately this will help improve their service to the public.” he said.

Data for the report was collected by the Local Government Management Agency on NOAC’s behalf.

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The following are some of the key findings in the report for Longford County Council:

- Housing: Longford County Council owned 1,948 social housing dwellings at end of 2018 with 4.98% vacant. The average time for rehousing in vacant properties was 70.64 weeks.

- Environment: 96.50% of drinking water in private schemes were in compliance with statutory requirements. 22% of the County is unpolluted or litter-free, 63% is classified as slightly polluted, 14% moderately polluted and 1% significantly polluted.

- Green Flag status: At the end of 2018, 61.7% of schools in the county held a Green Flag, The national average is 51.4%.. Local authorities provide environmental education and support to schools which participate in this programme.

- Fire service: It took an average of 6:19 minutes to mobilise fire brigades for calls to fires and 6:31 minutes in respect of non-fire emergencies.

- Public Libraries: There were an average of 5.69 visits per head of population and 89,297 items issued to library borrowers in 2018.

- Staff total: Whole-time equivalent staff employed by LCC at the end of 2018 was 314.92. The average medically certified paid sick leave rate was 2.98%. The national average was 3.78%. The average self-certified paid sick leave was 0.31%, the national average is 0.35%

- Technology & Social media: The total page views of the LCC website in 2018 was 447,310, Total followers of LCC social media channels at end 2018 were 25,496. The percentage of motor tax transactions dealt with online, was 59.75%.

Michael McCarthy thanked the NOAC board for its continued work in making this report possible and said that he looks forward to liaising with stakeholders for the year ahead to continue this valuable work.

The full Local Authority Performance Indicator Report 2018 is available at here.

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