Midlands author to release book on spiritual beliefs, affirmations and meditation

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How to heal: Lúile O’Reilly will launch her book, The Trinity, in Mullingar tomorrow evening (Thursday)

How to heal: Lúile O’Reilly will launch her book, The Trinity, in Mullingar tomorrow evening (Thursday)

Spiritual beliefs, affirmations and meditation are the main subjects of a new book by Lúile O'Reilly called The Trinity and an accompanying CD.

“The book is about my beliefs of the spiritual , my life story in short, healing broken down into steps, why we are truly here, where we truly started from and of course a huge world conspiracy theory,” Lúile told the Longford Lader.

“The conspiracy theory consists of the book of Enoch , the nepheline and the RHN blood line, Jesus, Mary Magdalen and child, alongside where Christ’s bloodline is hidden in today’s world, the catholic church and the Nazis, alongside the three secrets of Fatima.”

One of those secrets, Lúile explained, is in the book along with much more. The 36-year-old author is a mother of two and has herself had a difficult life but is living proof that healing is possible

“I grew up in a large catholic family from the Midlands,” she said.

“I was taken from my backyard and molested at the age of four.”

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To add to her trauma, Lúile was emotionally and sometimes physically abused by teachers in her school, making her education extremely difficult.

“By the age of 12, I could hardly read or write. Even then I always felt like I was going to write a book , but of course I felt hopeless,” she explained.

“At that age I took it into my own hands to go to the library, teach myself how to read and write. At the age of 15 I was on the verge of committing suicide.”

But she felt it wasn't her time and that there was more in her.

“I have also fought addictions in my life: alcohol, marijuana and food. I lost my walk at 30 yrs old and fought to overcome this with therapy. I can now walk and I’m healing the pain in my body naturally.

“When I lost my walk my weight gain increased and found myself at 25 stone. In two years without medical help, I have lost 8 and a half stone by healing my life and making incredible healthy life changes which I wish to share,” she said.

“The reason I wrote the book was to help people see that they can achieve their goals in this life, so they can become the spiritual beings they were born to be , in order to drive the human counterpart into a better light for all humanity.

“So they too can gain hope in themselves that they can find themselves in the light and not sit in the darkness of hell,” she concluded.

The Trinity by Lúile O'Reilly will be launched at Mullingar Library on Thursday, October 17 at 6.30pm. The book will be available in Newsround, Longford town.

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