Longford folk invited to attend public meeting regarding a Care & Conservation Plan for St Loman's Hospital cemetery, Mullingar

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Longford folk invited to attend public meeting regarding a Care & Conservation Plan for St Loman's Hospital cemetery, Mullingar

St Loman's Hospital, Mullingar.

A public meeting is planned for Wednesday evening, November 9 at 7.30pm in the Mullingar Park Hotel on the history of St Loman’s Hospital cemetery.

There are over 2,500 historic graveyards in Ireland and every one contains the history of its parish. Some graveyards have a wider reach and St Loman’s Hospital cemetery is one of those.

The HSE have commissioned a conservation plan for the cemetery and John Tierney of the Historic Graves Project has been appointed to research and write the conservation plan.

St Loman’s cemetery is not a conventional burial ground – it contains the burials mostly of inmates of the mental health hospital.

Mr Tierney explained that the purpose of the Conservation Plan is to engage the broad community of families and people who have associations with the cemetery, whether as families of former clients and inmates, staff & former staff of St Loman’s as well as other interested people such as local historians or simply neighbours of the place. "We wish to gather the history of the cemetery, recording as many voices and stories as possible and build a plan for the future long-term, appropriate care & conservation of the cemetery.

"The Conservation Plan team comprises a field archaeologist, an historian of public health and a team of geophysical surveyors."

Mr Tierney added, "On Wednesday, November 9 we invite all and any interested parties to come along to the Mullingar Park Hotel between 7.30 and 9.30pm to listen to a short illustrated lecture on the history of the cemetery & also an outline of the different stages of the conservation plan process.

"There will be a phase of fieldwork later in November and again all interested parties will be welcome to come and participate in the survey work. We also ask that any people with documents/photographs relating to the history of the cemetery, that they are willing to share with the research team, contact John Tierney (john@eachtra.ie). Any queries about the November 9 meeting should also be emailed to this same address."

Mr Tierney concluded, "All graveyards contain stories of loss and hardship and there are not many that can compete with St Loman’s for heartbreaking tales of the past. With this project we hope to remember all of those buried in St Loman’s and work out appropriate ways of caring for their final resting place."