Longford students are losing confidence in Department of Education

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson



Luke Casserly

Deputy President of the ISSU, Luke Casserly

Students have lost confidence in the plan to safely return to schools, according to the Irish Second-Level Students’ Union (ISSU), who believe that the Department of Education & Skills has failed to effectively communicate with students and in doing so, has lost the trust of students.

Speaking to the Longford Leader last week, local student and Deputy President of the ISSU Luke Casserly said that “students and the wider school community deserve open, honest and constructive communication and enggement with the Minister and Department of Education”.

“Unfortunately, we haven’t got that. Confidence in the plans to return to school safely and fairly was completely lost and that’s regrettable,” said Mr Casserly.

“It’s particularly regrettable that students with special educational needs will be left without in-person tuition as a result of this.

“This has been an incredibly challenging time for students. It’s time for the Department to work with stakeholders to give them the clarity, and fair solutions they need to continue their learning. Exam years in particular need answers and fair solutions quickly. The ISSU will be working hard to get this clarity.”