Kenagh parish to host drive-in Mass

Park up: Services to be held in St Dominic’s Church car park

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


Kenagh parish to host drive-in Mass

St Dominic's Church in Kenagh

With the highly-anticipated return of Mass from next week, albeit with strict social distancing measures in place, one Kenagh church is taking an unusual step and hosting a drive-in service to allow more parishioners to attend.

“We feel it’s the right thing to do. It’ll allow a bigger crowd to come,” said Fr Tom Barden of St Dominic’s Church.

With only 50 people permitted to gather in church buildings, St Dominic’s will celebrate Mass on Saturday, July 4, at 7pm and Sunday, July 5, at 10.30am from the church car park, rather than inside the church building.

Families or individuals will arrive at the carpark 10 minutes early and be greeted by stewards who will direct them to a vacant space. They will remain in their vehicles throughout the Mass.

The Altar will be at the side of the carpark, with speakers to carry the sound to all vehicles. It is also hoped that the service will be heard on car radios.

Holy Communion will be brought to each car.

This plan will allow the normal congregation to attend with no safety issues, no sanitisers and no social distancing.

The new Mass format will also allow anniversary masses to be said, though parishioners are advised that some anniversary Masses will have to be combined for a time.

Arriving in good time is essential to ensure the smooth running of this unusual service.

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