Upcoming Masses at Longford's St Mel's Cathedral to be ticket only gatherings

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Upcoming Masses at Longford's St Mel's Cathedral to be ticket only gatherings

Upcoming Masses at Longford's St Mel's Cathedral to be ticket only gatherings

The parish of Templemichael and Ballymacormack will be welcoming parishioners back to celebrate mass on June 29.

In a message to parishioners in last weekend's newsletter, the priests of the parish wrote:

“We look forward to being together, albeit keeping our distance, for the celebration of our faith.

“As we have come to know, there will be many changes in the number permitted to attend and in the seating arrangements within the Cathedral.

“We will need an enormous amount of help and support from all of you so as to ensure the safety and well-being of all who will be coming to celebrate the Eucharist with us.

“We are seeking volunteers to assist as ushers, ministers of the Word, and ministers of the Eucharist. We are seeking volunteers to wipe down the pews after every Mass and every other event in the Cathedral.

“We need to be patient and understanding as we gather to celebrate in these extraordinary times. Things will be different for a period of time, but together we will ensure the safety of each and every one attending St Mel’s Cathedral.

“There will be no masses in Shroid, Curry or St Joseph’s, but we are introducing two additional Sunday masses in St Mel's Cathedral - Saturday evening at 6pm and Sunday evening at 6pm.

“Due to the requirement of social distancing, numbers attending any celebration in the Cathedral will be limited to 150 people, at the moment.

“We are asking people to be flexible in deciding what Mass they wish to attend for the foreseeable future.

“In order to regulate the numbers for each mass we are introducing a ticket system.

“Attendance at Mass will be by ticket only and that ticket will be valid for one Mass-time only.

“There will be one ticket per household and the couple/family should come to Mass as a unit and sit together in the cathedral as a unit.

“Tickets will only be available in advance from the Presbytery and each ticket will be numbered and colour coded for different mass times.

“Tickets will have to be signed for to ensure traceability. We hope that this encumbrance will only be in place for a short period of time and as the social distancing restriction is relaxed we will dispense with the need for tickets.

“We will not be able to facilitate funeral masses on Sundays as long as the social distancing requirement is in place.

“If you are in a position to volunteer as an Usher, Minister of the Word, Minister of the Eucharist, please contact any of the priests or the Presbytery at 043 33 46465 or email stmelscathedral@gmail.com”