Special ‘hubs’ to be set up for patients with Covid-19, says Longford GP

Hubs will cater for the care of those who have the virus and will be separate to testing centres

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson



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A number of hubs are to be set up around the country in the coming weeks to assess patients who have Covid-19 or are presumed to have it but have not yet had a test to confirm it, writes Jessica Thompson.

“These will be areas where patients who have Covid or presumed Covid will be directed by their GP, should their condition deteriorate, or if some other illness that they might have deteriorates,” Dr Padraig McGarry explained to the Longford Leader.

“What you don’t want is patients who are proven Covid positive mixing with the population who are not. So you’re providing an alternative general practice area for them to be seen.

“It will not be a walk-in service. You will have to be referred by your GP to that service and you’ll only be seen there by appointment.

“You’ll have an assessment there and it’ll be determined what needs to be done thereafter, whether you have to go to a hospital, or whether you go home with some advice or whatever.

“In that assessment, you will be given advice on what the next steps are. So the assessment will be taking place in the hub, which will be separate to the testing centre, which is just where tests are carried out.”

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