‘We are prisoners in our own home’, says Longfod doctor of third home burglary

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Longford's defiant Dr Ali hits out at vandals:  ‘These people will not win’

Dr Syed Ali has hit out at the vandals who defaced his clinic

Liam Cosgrove talks to local Dr Syed Ali over a recent spate of break-ins at his home

A Longford GP has told of how three burglaries in the space of the past four months has left him and his family ‘prisoners in their own home’.

Dr Syed Ali spoke out after the most recent heist in the lead up to Christmas resulted in the theft of a substantial haul of personal jewellery.

The local doctor said the frequency and audacity of the raids, the most recent of which took place in broad daylight, has brought with it a deluge of upset and personal torment.

“It’s (last break-in) nearly four weeks ago,” he said, in reference to the December 14 burglary.

“I was out Christmas shopping in Dublin when it happened. My daughter was in town only for a couple of minutes and the alarm wasn’t turned on because she was coming back in a minute.”

Dr Ali said the thieves gained access to his home by prising open a small bathroom window during which almost every room in his house was ransacked.

But it was the loss of several items of personal jewellery belonging to his wife which has had the deepest and most profound lasting effect on the family.

“It was my wife’s jewellery and it’s the sentimental side of it,” he said.

“The house was in bits, every room was in bits. Even my attic was in bits.”

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The Pakistani born medic also expressed his “extreme frustration” at the apparent lack of progress which has been made in relation to capturing those responsible.

In a further revelation, Dr Ali said he was also considering writing to both Garda Commissioner Drew Harris and Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan in an effort to fast-track the investigation.

“This is the third time I have been burgled in four months,” he added.

“The first time my alarm went on and I was in Saudi Arabia for my pilgrimage and the alarm was on for a couple of hours and the alarm people never informed me or the guards. My neighbour actually had to contact me in Saudi Arabia.”

He also refused to rule out whether a link could be made to a graffiti attack on his surgery almost 12 months ago, but was left in no uncertain terms as to the connection between the events of the past four months.

“It’s very difficult to say (over possible link to graffiti attack) but it was my worry which I said at the time,” he said.

A resident of Co Longford for the past two decades, Dr Ali said the recent spate of break-ins at his home had also shaken his confidence in the justice system.

“Never has anything happened like this in my life before,” he said.

“My wife is extremely bad and has become very nervous and depressed.

“She is terrified all the time and is a very brave lady and now she cannot stay in her home on her own in the evening time.

“It’s also the reason that I have to bring my daughter from Dublin to work with me and stay with her mother. We are terrified in our own home and we have become prisoners. The prisoners are running around outside and we are the people who are innocent. We are the ones who has served this country and we are becoming the prisoners while the criminals are laughing and yet nothing has been done.”

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