Longford court bars man from uploading footage to social media

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A man charged with possession of a walking stick with a sharpened end has been remanded on bail with strict conditions until December 3, when he will reappear at Longford District Court.

Shane McDonnell, Room 611, Aspect Hotel, Park West, Dublin 12, was arrested prior to a Longford District Court sitting on November 12 and charged with having the sharpened item. Sgt Declan McGlynn explained to the court that there was “a little bit more to it than that”.

“There’s an ongoing feud here between them and the Doyles. He wielded the stick in online footage of him goading the Doyles with what he would do with it,” said Sgt McGlynn, who added that a special court sitting took place on Friday, November 8.

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Addressing Judge Hughes, Mr McDonnell explained that he had the walking stick because he had been assaulted and had injured his leg as a result.

“It’s not the type of walking stick that people usually carry around,” Judge Hughes challenged him.

“I hurt my leg, your honour, when I was assaulted by these people. Six of them jumped out of the car, your honour,” Mr McDonnell replied.

“Yours had a sharp point on it,” said Judge Hughes.

“No your honour it did not,” Mr McDonnell argued.

“Well the sergeant says it had,” said Judge Hughes.

“Well I’m pleading not guilty to it,” Mr McDonnell replied.

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Sgt McGlynn said that he had no objections to Mr McDonnell being remanded on bail, but laid out a number of conditions, including the provision of a mobile phone number and ensuring he was contactable at all times.

“I would ask him not to upload footage of any form of social media - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube - where they’re goading and inciting the other families,” said Sgt McGlynn.

“No use of any form of social media. If it comes to the court’s attention that you’ve used social media, you’ll go into custody. Full stop,” Judge Hughes stressed.

Sgt McGlynn added that he would like Mr McDonnell to reside at his address in Dublin with a curfew of 11pm to 7am.

“But I live in a hotel, your honour. There can’t be guards coming to check on me. I’m in the hotel two years and I’ll be kicked out if guards are coming to check,” Mr McDonnell objected.

“The very first thing you do, then, is make sure you’re contactable by mobile phone. But if you live in a hotel, would you ever go and live in the hotel and not be spending half the time down here?” said Judge Hughes.

Sgt McGlynn continued listing his bail conditions and asked that Mr McDonnell sign on at Clondalkin Garda Station once a week.

“Should he come to Longford, or if he’s in Longford, I don’t want him frequenting the Gala filling station on the Dublin Road, Richmond Street in Longford, Ferafad in Longford, and Ardnacassa Avenue,” Sgt McGlynn concluded.

“So where can I go?” Mr McDonnell asked.

“I’ll tell you where you can go. You can go to any part of Longford except those places,” Judge Hughes snapped.

Mr McDonnell will reappear before the court on December 3.

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