The Stented Papa #4: Don't be a Daddy Pig!

Ross Good (aka The Stented Papa)


Ross Good (aka The Stented Papa)


The Stented Papa #4: Don't be a Daddy Pig!

Ross Good (aka The Stented Papa) is a stay at home dad since needing four stents at the age of 37 and is sharing snippets of parenting wisdom

For those of you who missed my column from two weeks back, I’m going to go a bit serious this week as I ended up touching on the role that Daddy Pig plays in Peppa Pig i.e. the stereotypical buffoon who - bar being a champion puddle jumper (really?) - can get absolutely nothing right.

He can’t hammer a nail into a wall. He can’t hang a framed photo. He can’t read a map and gets lost everywhere. He can’t work a BBQ without setting it on fire. He can’t put a shelf up straight. He’s lazy and won’t exercise. He can’t even cut the grass correctly.

Is this an accurate reflection of what a Dad is in today’s world? Should this message be allowed to infiltrate our young children’s minds when it clearly depicts Dads in such a poor light?

Absolutely not! It’s not me. And it’s certainly not any Dad I know. As they said in Father Ted ‘Down with that sort of thing!’

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Of course it’s not okay. The Dad’s role has changed dramatically over time. Long gone are the days when Dads didn’t get involved bar being the ‘fear-figure’ to chastise their children when they come home from a long day’s work for being bold.

The same applies for them not knowing what the hell to do should they be left with their own children for more than a few hours while Mum is away.

I’ll be the first to admit that I don't get everything right all the time. But here’s the truth - despite our best intentions - Parents don’t always get everything right. Both dads and mums.

When I analyse any mates of mine who have children, they are as hands-on as a father and mother could be.

Bar getting the info face to face when I chat with other parents about their weekend’s activities, all you have to do is check their Instagram and/or Facebook profiles to see what they got up to and just how involved they are with their nippers. This is accurate and real life.

From football matches to ballet, from adventure parks to fishing trips. Parents are there and they are involved 100%. They want to watch their children grow and develop and most importantly have fun doing so.

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But watching Daddy Pig destroy the wall trying to hang a framed photo or calling Mum because he can’t find the ketchup doesn’t help anyone. All that shows is Dad can’t do simple tasks. He’s a moron and is completely lost without the help of Mum.

It’s ridiculous stereotyping which is out-dated and has to stop.

Remember: dads don’t babysit their own kids!

Speaking of stereotypes - Dads, please tell me you’re not your own children’s ‘babysitter’ when your missus heads out for the night?!

Hell no, man. They are your children. You are not their babysitter. You’re being a parent. It’s part of the job! Are you paid to mind your own nippers? Of course you’re not. You are their role model and you need to be their superhero. All day. Every day. 365 days a year.

Don’t be a Daddy Pig! He is the worst representation of what a Dad should be. I don’t know of any other show aimed squarely at young children with such a poor example of what a dad can or cannot do.

What do you think? Let me know below.

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I’ll finish by asking do we as dads always get things 100% right? Not always, of course we don’t but Daddy Pig we certainly are not.

Chat you next week,

Ross - The Stented Papa

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