Fine Gael's Gerard Cooney exits Longford Municipal District race at fifth count

Liam Cosgrove


Liam Cosgrove


Out for the count: Day three of Longford's local election count gets underway

Fine Gael's Gerry Cooney has been eliminated in the Longford MD area on the fifth count

Fine Gael's Gerry Cooney has been eliminated from the Longford Municipal District electoral race on the fifth count.

Mr Cooney's 149 votes are now being distributed among the remaining ten candidates.

Fianna Fáil's Joe Flaherty remains the only candidate elected and with six seats left to be filled there are six candidates who are on 634 votes or more and they are Peggy Nolan 779 (Fine Gael), Gerry Hagan 755 (Fine Gael), Gerry Warnock 722 (Independent), John Browne 715 (Fine Gael), Seamus Butler 708 (Fianna Fáil) and Martin Monaghan 634 (Fianna Fáil) in that order. 

The quota is 838 votes.

Adejnmi Uremu (FF) +10 279
Browne, John (FG) +3 715
Butler, Seamus (FF) +3 708
Cooney, Gerard (FG) +2 149
Gallagher, Seamus (Ind) +10 184
Hagan, Gerry (FG) +2 755
Keown, Tena (SF) +21 411
Monaghan, Martin (FF) +7 634
Nolan, Peggy (FG) +3 779
Sexton, Mae (Ind) +5 493
Warnock, Gerry (Ind) +21 722

Gerry Cooney's 149 votes to be distributed among the remaining ten candidates in Count Six.

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