New Longford litter bye-laws will clamp down on illegal disposal of domestic waste

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson



Households will have to prove how they are disposing of their domestic refuge from now on.

New waste presentation bye-laws requiring households to produce proof that they are disposing of waste legally were welcomed with unanimous enthusiasm by members of Longford County Council at last week’s council meeting.

Councillors agreed that this is a way to arm themselves from an enforcement point of view, when it came to illegal dumping in Longford.

There have been innumerable dumping issues around Longford town over the course of a few months, with the likes of Ferefad on the outskirts of Longford town being used as a dumping ground on a regular basis.

“This is a long time coming. It’s a long time overdue and it’s about time we took a stance because you have groups like Longford Tidy Towns who, day in, day out, are taking hundreds of bags and skipfuls of domestic rubbish from back alleys and from all over Longford,” Cllr Seamus Butler fumed.

“It is a duty as a citizen — in fact, it’s an obligation as a citizen — to obey bye-laws and to not destroy the environment,” he added.

“We have outcries on Facebook when they see dumping around certain areas around this time. They say what are the local authority doing about it?

“Well I ask the question: what are the people who are dumping doing about it? Because now it’s our business to find out where they are and who they are.

“And we will follow it,” he vowed.