Longford shopping centre development is 'top priority' for cinema giants

Liam Cosgrove


Liam Cosgrove



Longford town shopping centre

Longford town's newly rebranded Riverside Shopping Centre

Developers behind a multi million euro redevelopment of Longford's vacant shopping centre aim to relocate the town's existing cinema into its 80,000 sq ft premises before proceeding with any demolition plans.

Omniplex chiefs are awaiting Longford County Council's decision, due next Wednesday, over its designs to knock its current cinema complex with a view to creating a new plaza style entrance to its rebranded Riverside Shopping Centre.

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Mark Anderson, Omniplex director, was anxious not to comment publicly on the plans given a decision was still pending, but did admit the existing cinema would have to be moved before any prospective construction work gets underway.

"We can't just close the cinema that's already there," he said.

"We will have to move it first before we even consider demolishing the cinema that is there now."

He said the company were actively engaged with two to three other projects across the country, headed by the building of a new cinema at Shannon's Sky Court Cinema, but insisted Longford remained a "top priority" for its future expansion plans.

It comes after last week's revelations that a third party objection opposing Omniplex's plans to change the use of the shopping centre, to six screen cinema complex, had been withdrawn.