Longford shooting maybe linked to 'chop shop' discovery

Liam Cosgrove


Liam Cosgrove




The main N55 between Granard and Edgeworthstown, not far from the scene of Monday evening's alleged shooting incident.

Gardaí and officials from the Garda Siochana Ombudsman Commission (GSOC) are examining whether the shooting of an Alsation dog which resulted in minor injuries to a man in Edgeworthstown last night was linked to the discovery of a €500,000 ‘chop shop’ factory four days earlier.

A man in his late 20s, who is well known to gardaí, sustained a wound to his lower leg during the incident at Ferriskill, between Granard and Edgeworthstown shortly before 5pm on Monday evening.

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He was taken to Mullingar’s Midland Regional Hospital for what have been described as non- life threatening injuries.

Gardaí have confirmed officers were carrying out an “ongoing investigation” in the area when, during the course of a confrontation, an official garda firearm was discharged.

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Senior garda chiefs have stopped short of commenting on the circumstances which led up to the incident, though one line of investigation being considered is if the episode was linked to the discovery of up to €500,000 worth of machinery from a large industrial lock up premises last Thursday.

A video, appearing to show the moments leading up to the alleged incident, was posted on social media within a matter of hours.

The footage allegedly shows two men and the garda seemingly grappling at the door of a van seconds before the officer is lurched forward by his tie.

There is, however, no trace or sign of the Alsation dog which sustained the fatal gunshot wound, just as a woman can be heard screaming hysterically in the background.

The garda involved, who is a highly respected and decorated officer, was uninjured but was said to have been shaken up by the ordeal.

Senior officers heading up the inquiry have confirmed their knowledge of the video which, they say, “will form part” of any ensuing investigation.

A spokesperson for GSOC has confirmed while inquiries into the alleged incident are continuing apace, for the moment those queries remain at “examination stage” and not subject to the rigours of a full investigation.