UPDATE: ISPCA Kenagh HQ has found homes for all 28 Jack Russells in their care

All four-legged friends are looking forward to going to their forever homes

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson




Wendy's adorable little smile earned her a place in someone's heart - and their home

We have good news and bad news! The good news is all 28 Jack Russell pups and dogs in the ISPCA's care have been reserved for new homes. That's also the bad news if you were hoping to welcome one into your own home.

Earlier this week, the Longford Leader reported that 28 Jack Russell puppies and dogs had been rescued by the ISPCA and were hoping to find forever homes with loving families.

Today we're thrilled to report that all 28 of the pooches have been reserved for homes, following the animal charity's appeal for homes online. They're currently in the care of the ISPCA and will be going to their new families soon.

The ISPCA is thrilled with the response they've had, and will be paying visits to the various homes to ensure they are suitable for the puppies in their care.

If you're feeling disappointed that you won't be welcoming one of these furry bundles of joy into your own home, there are always dogs in the care of the ISPCA and the Longford Dog Pound looking for new, loving homes.

Rocko, Flyer and Misty, for example, are three beautiful greyhounds in the care of the ISPCA. There are also four beagles - three of which are named after bond girls - looking for loving homes.

In the Longford Dog Pound, there are more gorgeous and loving dogs just wishing you would walk in and adopt them. For example, Shergar the Lurcher has had a very bad start in life, but his confidence is growing every day and he would make a very loving pet. There's also Chuck, the Jack Russel, and Tilly and Whispa, the terrier crosses.

For more information on any of the dogs you could potentially bring into your home see the ISPCA website or Longford Dog Control on Facebook and start taking steps to saving a dog's life today.