Weather Update: Showers, clouds and potential thunder storms for Longford this week

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


Longford Weather

Cloud, rain and thunder forecast for this week, with some sunny spells

Unfortunately, Longford isn't done getting rained on yet, with another week of similarly unsettled weather to come.

There'll be further showers in between cloud and sunny spells today. The afternoon is looking clear enough, but heavy rain is expected later today, with a risk of thunder.

Tonight will be cloudy with some showers, but cloud cover will start to clear in the later part of the night.

Tomorrow looks similarly unsettled, with showers and thunder forecast for the morning. These will clear away for most of the afternoon with sunny spells and some cloud cover taking over and one or two showers.

Rain will return on Tuesday night and the early hours of Wednesday morning, and Wednesday itself looks set to be wet for the duration of the day and night.

Thursday is looking like it'll be a mixed bag of sunshine, rain and cloud cover.