Letter to the editor: New Corlea bog walkways are a credit

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Letter to the editor: New Corlea bog walkways are a credit

Dear Editor,

The new walkways in Corlea bog are a credit to all those who created them.

There is a certain artwork to the way the old tree trunks, that were extracted from their silent tombs, are strategically erected along part of the walkways. What tales these old trees could tell of the days of yesteryear, when their leaves fluttered in the summer breeze, succumbed to the autumn breeze and produced new buds and started the cycle all over again in spring.
There was no air traffic or road traffic then, just the presence of wild animals and the footfall of our ancient hunter gathering ancestors...hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years ago.

There is quite a peaceful and calming ambience there, especially in the evenings before sunset. There is a beauty there in all seasons. I have walked there in summer days when the skylark put on his show...he sang and he rose, he sang and he rose till he almost reached the clouds.

When his song was finished he plummeted straight down to the heather. I know his song was more than likely territorial, but I like to think it was just for me. Many waterbirds have appeared there in the past couple of years, perhaps the almost extinct curlew will return and multiply again. Who knows if we might hear what Oliver Goldsmith heard so long ago 'the noisy geese that gabbled o'er the pool'.

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There is a beauty there also in winter and spring when the harsh winds blow across the bog and fondle the rush beds and arrange their heads with nature's own hairbrush.

One wonders why so few people use this amenity, maybe because there are so many walkways here in south Longford, with canal walks and woodland walks they are spoiled for choice.

I, for one, am not complaining because sometimes I feel a little selfish and almost treat the bog as my own.
Bord na Móna took away a lot of the bogs over the last few decades but they left enough for us to enjoy.

They have given a lot of employment and helped to rear many families and here is hoping that the present difficulties can be amicably resolved and all can move on with good feeling.

As for Corlea bog, I feel the future has just begun!


Jimmy Heslin,
Co Longford

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