Letter to the Editor: Minister's response to greyhound cruelty disingenuous

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Longford Leader Reporter



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Dear Editor,

The ‘horrified’ response of Minister Andrew Doyle to the Primetime Investigates expose of the horrific cruelty underpinning the greyhound racing industry is disingenuous in the extreme.

It is simply not credible that he could have been unaware of the systematic and routine abuse of animals perpetrated by those involved in greyhound racing.

Campaigning groups have, for years, been highlighting the high kill rates of healthy dogs, the deaths on the tracks and the appalling treatment of Irish greyhounds exported to disreputable third countries.

Was the Minister not listening to the several submissions made in Dail Eireann before last year’s Greyhound Racing Act was passed, when concerns about all of all of these abuses were raised?

Why did Minister Doyle not demand that, in return for the millions of euros of taxpayers’ money they were getting, the Irish Greyhound Board release the report they had which confirms all of the above.

Instead, it was left to our national broadcaster to reveal the true horror that is greyhound racing.

It is time now for Irish people to take a stand, and demand that our hard-earned taxes are no longer used to prop up this moribund industry. The genie is out of the bottle.

It must not be allowed back in until this degenerate industry is consigned to the dustbin of history – where it belongs.


Nuala Donlon,
Greyhound Action Ireland

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