Longford Leader Columnist Mattie Fox: Visit of Pope Francis - if balance isn’t allowed, anarchy looms

Mattie Fox


Mattie Fox



Papal visit: Kildare Jesuits to meet Pope Francis

Pope Francis

The Pope has come and gone, without much fuss at all.

id, who is most definitely under severest warnings from Rome, not to give any apology to the public for the grievous harm perpetrated by numerous Church figures.

For once, he seemed cautious not to add any fire to that raging in Rome at present.

He’s in the process of trying to assemble people he can truly trust.

It’s obvious that several of his lieutenants have been shown to be toxic. He must wonder who is next.

Amidst all the frenzy going on in the Curia, the Pope must go out and meet the people, and walk the tightrope of uncertainty, which means for now not really being in a position of absolute power.

In the Church, of all places, the leader must choose his moments.

This view is supported by the bizarre document issued from Rome just as the Pope was ending his visit to Ireland.

I won’t go into the contents, suffice to say that it really is bizarre.

The most scary thing is that it came out of Rome.

That must make sane people think very carefully about who runs the Catholic Church.

I wasn’t in Croke Park, or Knock even, but was very surprised by all the grudgingly qualified comment emanating from the national media. But those who spoiled the day for real followers by grabbing hundreds of thousands of tickets yet didn’t occupy any seats, was a sign of modern-day going-too-far.

I’m sure they felt this was a great result.

Was it, really?

This was an exercise that belongs in the schoolyard, because it was a childish, selfish, and a most distasteful way to make a point.

All it really did was prevent real followers to attend and watch the Pope, as they were perfectly entitled to.

This is a dangerous development in Ireland or anywhere and doesn’t do anything useful for those who staged such a sham exercise nor does it enhance the balance that must be allowed express itself in any democratic society.

If balance isn’t allowed, anarchy looms.

It smacked of hysteria, and worse.

Those who protested properly were entitled to do so.

What happened, was absolutely scandalous.

But for people to snap up seating, simply to prevent others attending, wasn’t very nice.