Longford Leader columnist: 'Big Jack' was a very special man

Mattie Fox


Mattie Fox



Mattie Fox

Longford Leader columnist, Mattie Fox

I attended the funeral of the great Sean O'Rourke last Wednesday, in the beautiful St Mary's Church in Granard.

Big Jack" as he was known, was a kind and sincere man, who lived a quiet life beyond the frontline. Yet, in Granard he was a very special man.

Indeed further afield some of us remembered him fondly, and were the better for knowing him. He was a respected panellist on the Longford team, in the sixties.

I happened to meet Larry Gillen on the way into the church, and we were soon joined by another member of the Longford team of 1966, Seamus Flynn.

I ended up sitting between Seamus and Larry at the Mass, and if ever somebody wants to get a sense of being small, that's the way to do it.

1966 was the year Sean proudly collected the Connolly Cup.

That was a proud day which he never forgot.

Fr Simon Cadam gave a grand homily, and Seamus Finnan summed up what made Big Jack such a great legend, with a very touching eulogy.

Sean O'Rourke, may he rest in peace.