IFA warns Longford dog owners to take responsibility

Warning comes after recent spike in the number of reported attacks on sheep by rampaging dogs

Aisling Kiernan


Aisling Kiernan



Sheep kill

The remains of a dead sheep after it was attacked by a predatory dog in Longford earlier this year

Longford IFA Sheep Chairman, Gerry Belton has called on dog owners across the county to take responsibility for their pets.

The chairman’s sentiments come just days after two sheep kills by marauding dogs took place in the south of the county.

“I would be asking walkers in the countryside to make sure they have their dogs on a lead at all times,” he added, before pointing out that walkers and dog owners must become more aware of lambing and calving season.

“Walkers allowing dogs off the lead to run wild in the countryside, where there are ewes and young lambs, can create mayhem leading to mismothering and significant lamb losses.

“The message to walkers is clear: be responsible and keep your dog on a lead and under control at all times.”

Meanwhile, Mr Belton says that owners can be held responsible for any losses involved in dog attacks, with serious financial and legal consequences.

“Farmers have a right to protect their sheep flock and can shoot a dog that is worrying, or about to worry, their flock,” he concluded.


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