List of essential Covid-19 crisis workers, who can travel to work during restrictions, published by government

Employees must carry ID and letter from employer

Longford Leader Reporter


Longford Leader Reporter


The full list of workers who have been deemed essential service providers by during the Covid-19 crisis has been published by the government.

These workers will be permitted to travel to and from the workplace during the period of travel restrictions until April 14 announced by the government last night, which will see most travel within the State prohibited.

Businesses who have not been deemed essential have been given a grace period until Monday evening to get their affairs in order.

Essential workers will be asked to carry work identification or ID and a letter from their employer.

The essential service provider workers fall into the following categories - although not every employee in this category has been deemed an essential service provider.

1. Agriculture and Fishing
2. Manufacturing
3. Repair and installation of Machinery and Equipment
4. Electricity, Gas and Water
5. Construction
6. Wholesale and Retail Trade
7. Transport Storage and Communication
8. Accommodation and Food Services
9. Information and Communications
10. Financial and legal activities
11. Professional, Scientific and Technical activities
12. Rental and Leasing Activities
13. Administrative and Support Services
14. Public Administration and Defence
15. Human health and social work activities
16. Community/Voluntary Services

For a detailed breakdown of the categories and to see if your job has been deemed an essential service, CLICK HERE.