Granard teens create video to combat smoking

Granard teens create video to combat smoking

A youth club based at Lus na Gréine in Granard  completed a short film recently  on the dangerous of smoking as part of this year's X-Hale programme which aims to make their generation the first generation of non-smokers.   


The film entitled ‘Say No’ focuses on the damage smoking causes to health & fitness, and the importance of young people avoiding cigarettes.

Throughout the short film, the viewer is continuously warned about the dangers of smoking. 

We hear about the links between smoking and cancer and about the 5,200 people that die each year in Ireland because of a tobacco related illness.  

70% of smokers wish they had never started smoking in the first place and it takes 10 to 15 years off a person’s life members of the youth club tell us.  

There is no doubt that this short film hits home.  

“We are so proud of everything that the young people from Granard Youth Club Lus na Gréine Family Resource Centre have achieved,”  said Sarah Chadwick, Cancer Prevention Officer at the Irish Cancer Society.

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