WATCH | Travelling horseman stages protest

Longford Leader Reporter


Longford Leader Reporter


Traffic came to a standstill as it appeared that 'Wanderly Wagon' was back on the road when a team of horses made their way into Limerick city yesterday, Monday, July 13.

And while  Jarvey and historian Sean Kilkenny took the place of television character Forty Coats, as he made his way from Dromoland Castle, he had a very serious message for the our tourist season.

Mr Kilkenny is bringing his team of  horses and carriage to Dail Eireann where he hopes to highlight the need to get the tourism show in Ireland back on the road.

Mr Kilkenny who runs jarvey hire and a vintage carriage business from Dromoland Castle met up with Willie O’Dea at the Treaty Stone in Limerick city.

“He is making his way to the Dail and stopping in towns along the way and hopes to get to Dublin by Friday. The whole idea is to highlight the plight of people in the tourist industry and to get the government to take action,” said Deputy O’Dea.

Mr O’Dea said that the government are to announce a stimulus package for the Irish economy shortly and he wants to ensure that this region is not forgotten.

“We have Bunratty and King john’s Castle closing at the end of the summer and this is going to have a devastating effect on tourism here. Something needs to be done to ensure the security of the employees and that at least these attractions stay open at weekends throughout the winter,” he added