PICTURES | Christmas cameos by Longford's Joe McDonagh

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


We all need a little guidance from time to time and former Longford Leader photographer, Joe McDonagh, has got it in spades.

He doesn’t claim to know it all, though. In fact, it was through his own crippling hardship that he learned to see the light in life and to focus on what’s really important.

And a wisdom like that is too valuable not to share, which is why the former Longford Leader photographer decided to put his thoughts into a book bursting with beautiful and colourful images like the ones on this page.

But such was the online success of his regular Facebook cameos that Joe decided to put together a second book, which he will be launching at 7.30pm on Thursday, December 5, in Longford Library.

Joe’s second book of cameos is similar to the first, but with even more words of wisdom and even more photographs.
The words that Joe puts on his cameos are often his own thoughts and observations of life, with the occasional inspirational quote thrown in.

Joe has been sharing one cameo per week with Longford Leader readers since before he launched his first book and they’ve always gone down well with those who are looking for a little bit of wisdom or humour to brighten their day.

This December, Joe is looking forward to sharing his latest collection of colourful and creative cameos in ‘Right now. “I Am”. Not here. Not there. Book 2’.

The book is his latest collection of wise and philosophical sayings enriched within a photo-book of entirely new images.

His book launch will have an extra festive punch this year as Mary Holmes will deliver a beautiful Christmas floral demonstration after the official launch.

The book launch kicks off at 7.30pm on December 5 in Longford Library. All are welcome and encouraged to attend.

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