PICTURES | Staff at Hungry Horse Outside charity shop outraged at regular dumping outside Longford premises

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


Staff at Hungry Horse Outside charity shop in Longford town were furious this morning when they arrived for work only to find someone had dumped a pile of household rubbish outside the premises.

Staff member, Hazel Robinson, took to Facebook this morning to share photos of the mess which she says is a regular occurrence outside the HHO shop.

As a result, staff and volunteers not only clean up after irresponsible animal owners, but also find themselves picking up other people's rubbish and paying for its disposal, meaning less money to the charity is actually going towards animals in need.

"Unfortunately, as this happens several times a week we are now left with no other option but to forward all cases of dumping outside our premises, whether well-intentioned donations or the actual dumping of household rubbish, for prosecution," said Ms Robinson.

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