Dublin Marathon and Team Archie

Lana Fallon


Lana Fallon



Join Our Boys Trust are taking part in this year's Dublin Marathon as 'Team Archie'.

Archie Naughton is sports-mad. He would dearly love to run the Dublin Marathon this year - but he can't. Archie is now using a wheelchair because of the devastating effects of Dunchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD) and does not have the strength in his arms to push a wheelchair for that duration.

But Archie IS doing this year's Dublin Marathon thanks to all the amazing people who are part of 'Team Archie'.

Team Archie have recieived a special running buggy from the wonderful people in Dublin Marathon and the athletes from Roscommon Harriers under the training and guidance of Sinead Gannon are ensuring that Archie will take part in and finish the marathon.