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Ellen Coyne: 'I would pay a premium to have Maura Higgins as a life coach'

Longford Leader Reporter


Longford Leader Reporter



Ellen Coyne, head of politics at Joe.ie, has described Longford Love Island star Maura Higgins as a feminist icon.

On the 'Today with Sean O'Rourke' show on RTÉ Radio 1, Ellen revealed, "I would pay a premium to have her (Maura) as a life coach."

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Presenter Sean O'Rourke even mentioned two of Maura's favourite words on air - 'fanny flutters' - and it prompted a hilarious reaction across social media from fans of the show.

Love Island, which is screened on ITV2 and Virgin Media Two, is attracting huge viewership figures and Sean was discussing the psychology of the show, whether the Islanders were playing for love or money and if it all made for quality TV, with his two guests Ellen Coyne and Brenda Power, Sunday Times and Daily Mail columnist.

Ellen commented, "I would pay a premium to have her (Maura) as a life coach.

"She looks like a Bond Girl, has the broadest, most midlands accent and she is a feminist icon because she talks about enjoying sex. But at the same time makes it clear that just because she talks like that, she is not consenting to anything with anyone at any time."

The head of politics at Joe.ie added, "Maura is an excellent, articulate young woman."

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Brenda Power suggested Love Island was 'absolutely nothing about finding love'. She argued, "It is all about making a celebrity of yourself."

The columnist believes Maura will be enjoy a flourishing career post-Love Island.

"Maura, from Longford, is going to be the stand out star. She is going to parlay this into a career in television, media and fashion, wherever she wants to go."

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