WATCH: Longford prepares for 'Welcoming the Stranger' at the Backstage Theatre

A contemporary dance performance that transcends cultural boundaries

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


Welcoming the Stranger is, perhaps, one of the biggest shows of the month in the Backstage Theatre, with dancers from all over the world coming together for a moving performance that transcends all cultural, political, religious and ethnic boundaries to bring people together.

'Welcoming the Stranger' is a moving and compelling dance piece inspired by the stories of migrants and refugees from Gaza, Iraq, Syria, Africa and more.

Catherine Young has been working with people from throughout Longford, locals to the area and those from overseas who have come to call Longford their home.

From Afghanistan, Africa, Pakistan, Poland and the USA these people all now reside in Longford and have been rehearsing since October.

In the above trailer, some of the dancers are interviewed about the project.

Thanks to the Backstage Theatre for sending this in.

The show takes place in the Backstage Theatre next Friday, December 15. To book your tickets, visit

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