One on One: Peggy Nolan

Longford Town Mayor, Peggy Nolan, talks to the Longford Leader about her recent appointment to the post, her views on the future of local authorities and the number of mayors in Co Longford, and responds to accusations of scaremongering levelled at her this week.

Cllr Nolan is the first woman to hold the position of Mayor on Longford Town Council on two seperate occasions. Queried on Minister Phil Hogan’s plans to merge local authorities, she said she does not favour an amalgamation as Longford Town Council has a unique role, before going on to clarify that, because she also serves on the County Council, she does not receive payment for her seat.

In response to Cllr Tony Flaherty’s accusation of scaremongering over the future of the MIDOC service in the county, Cllr Nolan rejected the claims and said the threat to the service is very real.

The newly-elected mayor also expressed her delight in the acquisition of Connolly Barracks and hopes it can become a major asset for the area.