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ALONE, the charity which supports older people to age at home, is calling on members of the public to get involved in their community and start volunteering for ALONE as they expand their services to Longford.

As demand for ALONE services increases, ALONE is looking for volunteers throughout the county to help to provide their Befriending & Support service for older people.

ALONE’s Befriending & Support service matches older people who would like extra social contact with volunteers who provide companionship through a weekly visit or telephone call. Volunteers can also help with practical supports such as helping access information, getting groceries or with phone calls and appointments.

“Our volunteers help to support older people by offering a visit, having a chat and providing access to support. Often, they go on to make a friend for life,” said a representative of ALONE.

“We provide training to volunteers before they are paired with an older person and we are always on hand to support both the older person and the volunteer.

"We are asking anyone who may be interested to extend a helping hand and help us to support and empower more older people to live happily and securely at home.”

ALONE is also encouraging older people who may need support to get in touch.

“We can offer support with problems large and small. Many older people may feel like they are putting someone out by asking for help, but we want them to know that help is what we’re here for – all they need to do is lift the phone,” they continued.

ALONE’s most recent Annual Report cited a sizable growth in the demand for its services, echoing Ireland’s rapidly changing demographic and the continued difficulties faced by older people across the country. With over 1.2 million people to be aged over 60 in Ireland by 2032, the need for services to support older people will only grow.

To find out more information about getting support from or volunteering for ALONE, visit or call 01 679 1032. 

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