'Three Thoughts, One Breath' Exhition at the Backstage Theatre in Longford

Three Longford artists create beautiful exhibition

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson



'Three Thoughts, One Breath' Exhition at the Backstage Theatre in Longford

“ A book represents your need to seek a knowledge that you are not yet aware of”. Model: Janice Gibney. Photo: Shelley Corcoran

If you've been in the Backstage Theatre lately, you may have noticed some beautiful images as part of an exhibition that is on display there at the moment.

And, the fact that this exhibition features three different styles is certainly something that will catch the eye of the passing theatre-goer.

This exhibition is entitled 'Three Thoughts, One Breath', and was created by three of Longford's top portrait artists: Shelley Corcoran, Phil Atkinson and Angelika Sowul.

The exhibition sees the artists take one subject and express it in their own unique styles.

“Our admiration for each other's work drove us to combine our individual skills and, because we are all portrait artists, we wanted to choose the portrait of where we live, Longford and its people,” Shelley Corcoran explained.

The three styles used in the exhibition are unique to the artist.

Shelley herself uses photography to express her psychoanalytical concept of the subject.

Phil looks at life after humans, and how the earth claims back what humans have destroyed.

And Angelika aims to bring happiness to those who look upon her work, so she has created art in a comic book style, “because all comics that I read have a happy ending”, she says.

The exhibition is currently on display in the Backstage Theatre, so make sure you pop in and have a look.

See www.backstage.ie for more information.