Creative Ardagh to release second anthology: King at the back of the hill

King at the back of the hill to launch on Sunday

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Longford Leader


Ardagh Book Launch: The King at the back of the hill

Members of the group who contributed to the 'King at the back of the hill' anthology.

This Sunday, July 30 will see the launch of the 'King at the Back of the Hill' anthology.

The launch takes place on Domhnach na bhFraocháin (Bilberry Sunday), in the Ardagh Heritage and Creativity Centre.

In the ancient times of Midir and Etain people gathered on Brí Léith (Ardagh Mountain), home of the sidhe fairy people to collect bilberries for the High King's Lughnasa feast in Tara.

The tradition of Bilberry Sunday, the last Sunday of July, continued until the mid 1960s when the forest was planted on the hill and so bilberries were not as abundant.

Creative Ardagh and Brendan Farrell of Ardagh Eco-Gardens got together to bring the tradition alive in July 2012 and every year there is a walk and a search for the ever elusive bilberries.

This year will see children's author Esther Göbl Uí Nualláin read from her many children's books, all written in our native language, Gaeilge.

Events will kick off at 11am at the GAA pitch in Ardagh with a walk up Brí Léith.

The launch itself will take place at 2pm, with readings from some of the contributors to the anthology.

The launch aims to finish in time for people to go to the Expressions Exhibition launch in Longford on Sunday evening.

Pictured above are: Ciara Hanley, Eileen Moynihan, Sari Hallaj, James Leavy, Rose Moran, Annette Corkery, Ester Góbl Uí Nualláin, Ann Gerety Smyth, Fergus Kennedy, Sara-Lee Greene, Dylan Murray, Shelley Corcoran, Taylyn Hoban, Laura Woods Hoban, Eden Hoban, who all contributed to the 'King at the back of the hill' anthology.