Longford town to be transformed into open-air gallery this weekend

'Expressions' Exhibition will see photographs erected all over the town

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Izzy Boylan and Shelley Corcoran: Expressions Exhibition

Izzy Boylan and Shelley Corcoran sitting in front of one of the images in the Exhibition. The image is by Melanie Love and represents Depression.

Cruthú Arts Festival will be joined by a spectacular open-air photography gallery this weekend.

Longford town is about to explode with colour, energy and creativity in the next three weeks because along with the Cruthu Arts Festival running throughout the town Expressions International Photography Festival is going out-doors in 2017.

Now in its third year Expressions International Photography Competition is rapidly becoming the foremost international photography event in Ireland. Over half the pictures submitted are from photographers from all around the world, this is the inevitable consequence of the event being internet based.

The first two overall winners of Expressions Competition were from San Diego and Boston respectively and the third winner will be announced at the launch on Sunday 30th July at 3.00pm in the Cruthu Marquee Market Square.

According to County Arts Officer Fergus Kennedy: “Expressions Photography Competition is an excellent example of how a small visionary committee of enthusiasts, from the heart of rural Ireland, can harness the power of the worldwide web to make themselves a presence on the international stage.  If our photographers can do this how many more groups and individual in our community can emulate their success?”

What is truly remarkable about the 2017 Exhibition is that the organising committee are taking an enormous leap of faith in the Irish weather by taking the exhibition outdoors. They will enlarge the fifty short-listed entries to a massive one meter by two meters in size and mount them on all weather material.  They will then suspend the huge images from lamp-posts, walls and hoardings in the Market Square, Dublin Street, Ballymahon Street area of the town.

The result will be visually spectacular, turning Longford town into an open-air gallery of photography. The committee will provide maps to visitors with each enlargement indicated, enabling people to stroll around the town at their leisure and enjoy the photographs.

The small committee of Shelley Corcoran, Angelika Florkiewicz and Phil Atkinson be seen erecting the massive images around the town from the weekend of the 21st of July the work will be on exhibition for three weeks and the Expressions International Portrait Photography Exhibition will be officially opened by Minister Kevin ‘Boxer’ Moran in the Market Square on Sunday July 30 at 3pm.

Pictured above: Izzy Boylan and Shelley Corcoran sitting in front of one of the images in the Exhibition. The image is by Melanie Love and represents Depression. The accompanying words are: “Outside to the world I look happy, underneath I'm crying with sadness.”