Ballymahon author to launch second book

'Obsession' to be launched in Ballymahon library on Friday night

Jessica Thompson


Jessica Thompson


Ballymahon author to launch second book

Above: The cover of 'Obsession' features artwork by Valerie's daughter, Lorraine. Below: Author Valerie Masters, who launches her second book this week.

Local author Valerie Masters is set to launch her second book, ‘Obsession’, this week in Ballymahon Library.

Valerie’s first book, ‘Conversations in the Dark’ went down well and she believes ‘Obsession’ is stronger and more powerful than anything she’s written before.

“‘Conversations in the Dark’ was exciting because it was my first book, but ‘Obsession’ for me is where I become a serious writer and strive to become a full-time writer,” Valerie said.

“The inspiration for ‘Obsession’ came from everyday life - from seeing pain and hurt. ‘She’ and ‘He’ meet and over the course of that meeting, they realise their obsession with each other.

“The book runs from flashbacks to real time to memories to longings that they both have. It dives into their emotions, the hurt and the love they have for each other, with both knowing they only have that time and may never be together again. For that reason, ‘Obsession’ was the only title that fitted their addiction to each other.”

The image on the cover is artwork by Valerie’s daughter Lorraine, with whom Valerie has collaborated in the past.

Valerie Masters

“She just gets what I’m saying without having to explain. She delves into the words and manages to paint the emotion. I asked her to consider creating an image for the book and was blown away when she sent what is now the cover. It was everything I was looking for. She leaves me in awe of her regularly,” said Valerie.

The book launch will be very emotional for Valerie. Her mother attended the first launch and was so proud of her. She has since passed away but Valerie believes she’ll be there in spirit.

“I also won’t have Lorraine as she’s working in South Korea and can’t possibly be here, but I’m so proud to have her work displayed on the night,” she said.

“Thankfully, my son Lee is making the trip from Rome where he works and he has always been my constant calm place, so seeing him will be incredible.”

Valerie is thankful for the support of her local community over the years and is thrilled to be able to share this night with those who support her work.

“This book is my heart and my soul poured onto paper and Friday night I'll stand proudly holding it knowing months of hard work, emotion and tears have been worth it. I'm very lucky. I'm living in a town that supports me from every corner and I'm proud to live with amazing people.”

The launch of ‘Obsession’ will take place on Friday February 17 at 7.30pm in Ballymahon Library.