Longford Association in Dublin tribute: Late Patricia Hannify was one in a million

Liam Caldwell


Liam Caldwell



Patricia Hannify RIP

The late Patricia Hannify

Patricia Hannify’s untimely passing last month left a great many bereft with a real sense of loss, but above all her husband, Jimmy, and family.

While we were aware of Patricia’s illness, with which she lived with great fortitude and dignity, there were still widespread feelings of unreality on receiving the news of her death.

Patricia was one in a million, a lovely lady on every level, possessing real depth and substance.

Chatting to her was always a real tonic. Her observations were acute and real and she had wonderful insights into people and human nature generally, but always without any hint of judgement, instead displaying acceptance and understanding.

She was gifted with a real generosity with which she in turn gifted those less well off. And she did much of this under the radar and without fanfare.

Indeed many of us attending her funeral Mass weren’t fully aware of the extent of her lifetime’s work on behalf of St Vincent De Paul, Crumlin conference – which she also served as president – until a leading member of that organisation spoke in laudatory terms about Patricia’s work and commitment on their behalf.

Indeed, a few years back she was presented with a special medal by St Vincent de Paul to mark twenty five years of her central involvement. In this and many other ways Patricia lived her exemplary Christian faith in practical ways; for her it wasn’t just something theoretical.

Gaelic football, not unnaturally, played a central part in Patricia’s life since she and Jimmy met when they were both teenagers. Jimmy would always say that throughout his playing career and his years in team management, Patricia was supportive, patient and understanding. Those of us who knew her well are not surprised.

They were both great supporters of the Longford Association down the years and were appreciative of any efforts made to bring Longford people together in the capital.

Patricia was last with us on our night out in the Red Cow Hotel last Christmas. Elegant as always, she enjoyed the occasion and wasn’t in any way taken up with her difficulties, her courage and consideration for others very much in evidence. We will miss her presence on future such occasions, her warm friendly smile, engaging personality and good vibes.

The love and deep appreciation of Jimmy and their family came across vividly in a beautifully eloquent eulogy in the church by son, Gary. It was obvious Patricia – who has left a great legacy, not least the wonderful, successful family brought up by herself and Jimmy - will remain a big part of the memories of her nearest and dearest, and indeed she won’t easily be forgotten by anyone who ever met her.

The members of the association extend our deepest sympathy to Jimmy, daughter Karen, sons Gary and Richard, son-in-law Simon, daughter-in-law, also called Karen, grandchildren, extended family, the Donohoe family, and many, many friends.